Facial Esthetics/Dermal Fillers in Marinette, WI

“Facial esthetics” is a term used to describe treatments that improve the appearance of the skin on your face. The skin on your face can be rejuvenated to look more vibrant or to correct wrinkles and other signs of aging. At Valenta Dental, many patients choose facial esthetics to improve the look of their skin after undergoing other cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening and veneers. Others undergo these procedures simply for aesthetic reasons. Several non-surgical options are available to provide patients with the aesthetic results they desire. 

What Are Dermal Fillers? 

A dermal filler is a product that is used to replace facial volume and restore youthful looks by plumping up the skin, softening wrinkles, and adding subtle contours to the face.

Although they are often confused with Botox injections, the two are entirely different and serve different purposes. Dermal fillers fill creases in the skin caused by smile lines, laugh lines, and nasolabial folds. These areas of the face lose volume over time, which causes the skin to sag and wrinkle. A dermal filler can be used to restore this lost volume, which creates a more youthful appearance.

The treatment is quick and typically takes around half an hour to complete from start to finish. No downtime is associated with this treatment, and patients can return to normal activities as soon as they leave the office. 

The Procedure for Dermal Fillers 

The procedure involves injecting the dermal filler into the targeted areas using a fine needle or cannula. The treatment is typically performed in a medical or dental office and may include the application of a topical anesthetic or numbing agent to minimize discomfort.

Results are often immediate, with improved volume, smoother skin, and enhanced contours. The duration of the results can vary depending on the specific filler used and individual factors such as metabolism and lifestyle. Generally, results can last anywhere from several months to over a year, after which the filler gradually breaks down and is naturally absorbed by the body. 

The Benefits of Dermal Fillers 

Wrinkle Reduction 

Dermal fillers can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, such as smile and vertical lip lines. Dermal fillers create a smoother and more youthful appearance by filling in the lines and adding volume to the skin. 

Restoring Volume 

As we age, we naturally lose volume in certain areas of the face, leading to a hollow or sunken appearance. Dermal fillers can restore volume to the cheeks, temples, and under-eye, providing a more plump and youthful appearance. 

Enhancing Facial Contours

Dermal fillers can enhance and define facial features like lips, chin, and jawline. They can add volume and shape to thin or asymmetrical lips, create a more defined chin, and improve facial contours' overall balance and harmony. 

Facial esthetics treatments are personalized and tailored to the individual's unique facial features, concerns, and desired outcomes. Get in touch with Valenta Dental at 1838 Dunlap Ave, Marinette, WI 54143, or call (715) 735-5626 for more information.


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