3Shape Trios Scanner in Marinette, WI

The 3Shape Trios Scanner is a state-of-the-art intraoral scanning system used in dentistry. At Valenta Dental, we use this digital impression-taking device to enable our dentists to create highly accurate 3D digital models of a patient's teeth and oral structures. The scanner replaces the traditional method of using physical impression materials, such as alginate or polyvinyl siloxane, to capture the shape and contours of the teeth. 

The Benefits of 3Shape Trios Scanner 


The scanner utilizes advanced optical technology to capture detailed images of the teeth and soft tissues, providing high accuracy in capturing dental anatomy. This helps in producing precise digital impressions for various dental applications. 


The Trios Scanner demonstrates fast scanning capabilities for quick and efficient image acquisition. This helps save time for both the dental professional and the patient, as there is no need for the messy and time-consuming process of taking physical impressions. 

Patient Comfort 

The scanner's compact and ergonomic design ensures patient comfort during scanning. It minimizes discomfort and the gag reflex that is often associated with traditional impression materials. 


The Trios Scanner can be used for dental applications, including crown and bridge restorations, implant planning, orthodontics, and smile design. The digital impressions can be easily shared with dental laboratories and specialists or used in CAD/CAM workflows for efficient and precise treatment planning. 

The Common Uses of Trios Scanner 

Restorative Dentistry 

The Trios Scanner creates digital impressions to fabricate dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. The accurate digital impressions captured by the scanner enable precise and well-fitting restorations. 


In orthodontic treatment, the Trios Scanner is utilized to create digital models of a patient's teeth, which can be used for treatment planning, tracking tooth movement, and creating custom orthodontic appliances like clear aligners or retainers. The scanner provides detailed information about the position and alignment of the teeth, aiding in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. 

Implant Dentistry 

The Trios Scanner plays a crucial role in implant dentistry by capturing digital impressions that can be used to plan and place dental implants. The digital impressions provide accurate information about the patient's oral anatomy, allowing for precise implant positioning and the creation of custom implant abutments. 

The Trios Scanner incorporates advanced color-capturing technology, which allows for accurate shade matching of natural teeth. This is particularly useful in restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures where achieving a seamless and natural-looking smile is essential. For the best dental treatment personalized for your unique needs, visit Valenta Dental at 1838 Dunlap Ave, Marinette, WI 54143, or call (715) 735-5626.


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